Mayıs 22, 2024
İstiklal Cd. Tokatlıyan İş Mrk. K:1 N:1 Beyoğlu – İstanbul


A picture ceases to be a thing for a person when it acquires meaning, when it arouses emotions, no matter what, joy or indignation, sadness or inspiration. If a painting immerses you in its atmosphere, in your thoughts, then it speaks to you.

Twitter: @nadyufochka20

That’s why in my profile it says that my works are emotions. I always give a name to the picture, so it does not limit the imagination of the one who looks at it.

The view of the artist is only one view of the work, and each viewer sees what is close to him) I don’t do huge collections.

Usually it’s 3-5 drawings of the same theme or color scheme. Like “About the Universe” or “My Mythical Heroes”.

There are also paintings in a single semantic copy, I create them in a burst of sudden inspiration and I think they have a place among others) This is such as the work of “artist” or “stalactites “
My passion for art is hard to leave!




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