Haziran 24, 2024
İstiklal Cd. Tokatlıyan İş Mrk. K:1 N:1 Beyoğlu – İstanbul



First of all, I am an artist, so I have no financial worries. My aim is to touch people’s souls and share their happiness and loneliness. When I achieve this, that is, when people can express themselves through my nfts, it becomes clear why they want to have them. I think the best way to do this is nft.

I am a young nft artist. I always try to be a person who is open to innovations. When I first heard that I could license my works in the virtual world via Nft, I was very excited. As for the story of my Light for Shadows collection, one day, as I was passing by the cemetery, I saw flowers bloom on its land. It was the rebellion of life against death. What I understood from this had a profound effect on me. When I saw this, I felt life born from death. In fact, when seeing that the greatest invention, the source of development, is death, I drew my painting of the flower of death (lavina rebel).

Twitter: @syntheticstran0



I would be very happy when my collection is finished :D. I can communicate and befriend people who bought my nfts. And of course I mint new nfts!

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