Temmuz 25, 2024
İstiklal Cd. Tokatlıyan İş Mrk. K:1 N:1 Beyoğlu – İstanbul



Beehappi is a collection of 1222 happy bees living in polygon black chain. It’s believe that owning even one of these bees will bring smile to a face. In the collection different class including common, rare, epic, queen with different varieties. Customize bees can be a request from a costumer, collaboration with other artists or bees inspired from different object or artwork . Each class has different floor price and will increase 00.5 eth for a certain amount of bees sold in different class.

Instagram: beehappi1222 | Twitter: beehappiNFT

Floor price: Common -00.1 eth + 00.5 eth for every 13 common bees sold…

Total of 260 common bees Rare- 00.2 eth + 00.5 eth for every 7 rare bees sold total of …

Total of 140 rare bees Epic 00.3 eth + 00.5 eth for every 4 bees sold …

Total of 80 epic bees Customize- 00.4 + 00.5 eth for every bees …

Total of 722 Customize bees Queen 00.5 eth + 00.5 eth for every 1 bees sold

Total of 30 Queen bees Varieties: Normal Snow Neon Fire Water Wind Earth Lightning Coral Grass Shadow Crystal Flaming Rock Cyber Metal Poison Flower

Author: My NFTs are all hand draw so there a isn’t bees who’s the same. Every bees were drawn with different design and art style. These bees is designed to bring smile to the owner who bought it. Prize will increase even the other class isn’t completely sold so the increase of the price only matter to it’s certain class. And lastly Customer can request their own costumize bees to make them feel more connected to their NFT.




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